July 7, 2013

American Pie – The Movie Review

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americanpieA hilarious movie series – American Pie – is scribed by a clever writer Adam Hertz and directed by two foxy brothers, Paul and Chris Weitz. The first American Pie movie was launched on 1999 in which it became a hit box-office and immediately had three sequels: American Pie 2 in year 2001, American Wedding (2003), and American Reunion (2012).The title is originated from the folk song entitled also “American Pie” lyrics by songwriter Don McLean which the lyrics of it had been slight reference of the movie.

The sequel film ruminates on the four high school chum boys – Kevin (Thomas Nicholas), a so-so student; Chris “Oz” (Chris Klein), member of high school lacrosse; Jim (Jason Biggs), a nerd and sexually ignorant, and Paul (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a caffeine-lover and a nerd – who took their vows to surrender their virginities after their prom night. To achieve their wish- fulfillment fantasy, three boys (Oz, Jim and Paul) are making steps to catch some girls, since Kevin already had a girlfriend named Vicky (Tara Reid). Unfortunately, when Vicky knew their oath, their relationship shook.

Oz attended a certain choir to lose his reputation as aloof player and also to catch a girl to fulfill his vow to his comrades. Luckily, he won the heart of Heather (Mena Suvari), one of the choir members. Somehow, when Heather knew Oz’s reputation, she ultimately broke up with him.

Jim almost won the heart of Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), a transferee from Slovakia, through helping her to study the forthcoming exam of English to get an A grade. As Stifler (Seann William Scott), an ignorant lacrosse player and close to the four pals, convinced Jim to put webcam on Jim’s room to see all the happenings with Nadia, she discovered the pornography collection of Jim. He accidentally sent the webcam links to the school list. Nadia’s parents saw it and made the two to part separate ways. With Jim’s arduous desperation, he asked Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hanigan), a geek to their prom night as Michelle is the only person who hadn’t seen the link.

Paul paid Vicky‘s friend Jessica (Natasha Lyonn) to spread his sexual ability to have plus factors to the campus. Unfortunately, this has been an unsuccessful one.

The four high school buddies seemingly hopeless to achieve their vows. During their prom night, party dresses were exposed. The four boys’ girls are so lovely with their party dresses. Unexpectedly, Vicky verifies that she and Sherman, antagonist of the play, to their prom night that they did not have sex at Stifler’s house. Ultimately, all the boys fulfilled their oaths in the end.

March 26, 2013

How to Prevent Kids from Watching Inappropriate Movies

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tv kidsThere is no doubt that watching movies can be fun and engaging. It is one of the best ways to relieve stress, forget about offices’ hectic deadlines or school’s laborious projects, or just let a good, lazy Sunday pass by. Movies are not only enjoyable as some of them are entertaining, too. However, these are quite unhelpful if you don’t guide your children about the right movies to watch. Are movies good for kids, you may ask. This is a good question especially if you truly care about your kids’ development.

First of all, movies come in a wide plethora of kinds like comedy, drama, suspense, fiction, thriller, horror, and many others. Each genre comes with certain plots and themes that make each story exciting. In other words, there are neat and wholesome movies and there are also horrific and terrifying movies, which are sometimes filled with blood, violence, and mockery. You have to understand what these genres are all about, so each time you try to watch a movie from a DVD, make sure that your kids are all asleep or busy if it’s a movie for adults. Adult movies are mostly X rated by authorized companies while children’s movies are rated 13 or General, which respectively mean kids ages 13 and above and everyone regardless of age are allowed to see the movie.

Secondly, never leave your child watching TV alone even if the show is a cartoon show, especially if the kid already knows how to use the remote control. He might switch it to another channel and might get exposed to movies that look wholesome but with dirty themes. One example would be the series of Mr. Bean. Although this particular show is loved by both children and young at heart all over the world, psychologists actually deem it as inappropriate for children because of the type of behavior manifested by Mr. Bean. Therefore, it is necessary that kids should have at least one guardian while watching TV. However, if he or she is watching a movie from a DVD and if the videos stored in the disc are all appropriate for kids, you can let the kids watch it alone, but it should be in a place where you can easily watch him.

Finally, always supervise your kids’ TV viewing schedule. He should not be looking at the monitor at least 5 hours each day as this can be bad for his health. The glare from the monitor can strain his young eyes and can cause irritation. It can also make him sedentary, which can cause obesity. Hence, while movie viewing is a good recreational activity, there is nothing more important than reading books, playing, and caring for your children.